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Blast Zombies with Me in 'Dustoff Z'

My first "official" post was going to be a justification for why I started this blog and a lament about everything wrong with social media, blah, blah, blah, but screw all that. This is way more fun. I'm voicing a character in a new video game and we finally have a release date! Dustoff Z launches on October 15.

I've worked on a handful of mobile and Steam-based games, but Dustoff Z will be my first game launched across all the major game consoles. I'm super excited about that. I'll save the details about who my character is and what he does until after the game is released. For now, I'll just say he is pictured in the graphic above. The game play involves shooting zombies from tricked-out helicopters (and who doesn't love that?). Here's a taste of what that's like:

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